The Team

11990613_10205200076141323_8063660701687829349_nCody Childers is a programmer, born and raised in beautiful California. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science: Computer Game Design from UC Santa Cruz, and decided to stick around to complete a M.S. in Games & Playable Media as well.  He is a passionate programmer and game designer who hopes to someday soon be a gameplay programmer.  When not making games, he can be found playing games, riding horses, or writing more code. He is always eager to help others pursue a career in games, and is happy to share his knowledge about how to get started making games. His recent work can be found at

Alex Zapalac is a master’s student at UC Santa Cruz, pursuing a degree in Games and Playable Media. He previously graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Networking and Digital Technology. You can find his work at

Christopher Pioli was born and raised an only child who improvised lyrics to Mega Man music, fashioned his own Super Mario cape, and wished pet lizards came in Yoshi-size. Graduating from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2007, and having worked for a list of prestigious tech companies in the Bay Area, Chris now studies dutifully under UC Santa Cruz’s Games and Playable Media program. You can find him at his webpage or on twitter as @cpioli64.

portrait website_vincentVincent Levy is a game designer who boldly crossed the Atlantic to join the Master’s program in Games and Playable Media at the University of California Santa Cruz, leaving behind his beloved France. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Game Design from the Institute for Digital Creation and Animation (ICAN) in Paris. His interests range wide, from fine delicacies and spirits to architecture and sail gliding. As a representative of his fellow Frenchmen in the country of Uncle Sam, Vincent never shies away from holding everybody to ridiculously high standards and dispenses his unforgiving criticism with a combination of bluntness and wits that make him irresistibly charming. You can get to know him a little better through his personal website  or on Twitter @VincentLevyGD.

Garrett McPherson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Biola Conservatory of Music. He is currently not studying anywhere, but is building a portfolio for future higher education. He began composing music for games though the moding community and has since composed music for several unreleased and to be released games. He has also composed music for film and concert.

Thosaporn Atchariyakornchai is a senior student at San Jose State University, currently majoring in Animation and Illustration. He is from Bangkok, Thailand. Addicted 3D modeling and texturing, art is his life and he is looking forward to obtaining a career in the animation industry.

Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Fiona Herse Woo is a San Jose native who found a home two miles from home at San Jose State University’s Animation and Illustration program. Five years of training later, Fiona is armed with a pencil and a tablet pen, and ready to jump into the world of entertainment design. When she isn’t drawing, Fiona divides her time between theater and film making, and reading books!

Ben Chian is a 3D Artist whose passion is bringing imaginary worlds to life on screen. He enjoys the creation process in his sketchbook just as much as he does on his laptop. His goal is to always be involved in fun and creative projects where he can use his abilities to create in 3D. Ben’s inspirations come from film, sports, folklore, nature, wildlife and the people around him.

Driven from Fremont by the most recent volcanic eruption, Anh Nguyen is now located in San Jose. Sadly his talents of horrible cooking or having songs stuck in his head could not save his home from being buried by lava and now he vows to use his art to make fun things and vows to use his money to buy his friends things!

Kayla Rimes is from Stockton, Ca. She’s currently studying Animation/Illustration and will graduate this spring from San Jose State University. She loves coffee flavored ice cream, cycling class, art, and hopes to pursue a career in production after graduation.

Amber Etkind is student at San Jose State University focusing on Animation, although she dabbles in just about everything. She will graduate with a BFA with a focus in Animation and Illustration in the Spring of 2015. She loves to paint traditionally with acrylic and watercolor and volunteers once a month for Operation Write Home. Where she makes professional looking greeting cards which get sent oversees for military personnel to write in and send home to their families.

Jonathan Chu is a Visual Development student at San Jose State University. He grew up with a deep passion for video game development, art and visual storytelling and would eventually love to work in the film, games or animation field.

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