Final update: Launching this Friday

Yes, Eruption will be launching on Steam this Friday, August 4th, at 3:00PM PST.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Hello everyone,

We regret to inform everyone that we will not be able to release Eruption on Steam today. We recently discovered some additional procedures in Valve’s submission process that will require us to delay Eruption’s release for a small period of time. This means we must delay Eruption’s release by a small period of time – days if we’re fortunate, but it could be a week or two.

To be clear, Eruption is not being delayed because of some game-killing bug or underdeveloped feature. This is a simple issue we believe will be resolved quickly. We are grateful for your patience, and look forward to giving you good news in the coming days.

The Team at Lava Flow Games


Good news everyone!

We’re announcing Eruption will be released this Saturday, July 29th onto Steam for Windows and Mac computers!

Thank you for your patience as we get the final fixes and features in!


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